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About Me.

Music iPortal LLC was founded in 2013 by Jamil Gaston, who began as an in-residence piano teacher. Since then, Jamil has played for funerals and churches, and has since worked with inspiring artists in the local community.

Jamil's passion for music has allowed him to grow his business and become a teacher, producer and minister. He is dedicated to helping his students reach their fullest potential and find their unique sound.



University of Baltimore

Jamil Gaston is the CEO of this company and a former college student. He majored in Business Finance and Music Education at a university and graduated in 2008. After graduation, he began his career in the business world. In 2013, Jamil decided to pursue his passion for music and launched a successful music career. His experience in college has allowed him to combine his business and music knowledge to create a unique and successful career path. He is an inspiration to many and a testament to the power of hard work and dedication.




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