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Chosen Girls


In 2020, Music iPortal launched a Local Talent Show. Directed by Jamil Gaston, Executive Producer, who coached and performed for the Singers and Musicians. After the show, the reviews were outstanding. Jamil Gaston chose them individually to record a Holiday Album. Because the girls were so close in age and establish such a great rapport with each other so well, he later thought to make them a group. The girls bonded almost instantly. Spring 2020, the girls started to record, for their first time, in a music studio. Music iPortal Records officially named the group “Chosen5.” At the time, it included: Maya Samone, Grace Elly, Madisynn Rankin, Justus Bethea Hall and Magen Cornacchion. After months of rehearsing and recording, November 28th Launched the “Every Christmas Album.” The album launched locally and mostly advertised through social media. The attention attracted over 2000 followers and their music videos received over 100,000 views collectively. After the holidays, they came together and discussed with the producer that they wanted to become a band and to stay an official group. In order to do so, it required several meetings and planning. After the final plan rolled out to keep Chosen5 together, the group decided to part ways with Magen Cornacchione and later replaced with Joan Fritts.


In 2021, the Chosen5 attempted to replace Magen Madisynn & New Member Joan but was unable to develop new chemistry. Jamil Gaston decided to keep only three and rename the group to "The Chosen Girls." The Chosen Girls featuring Maya Samone, Justus Hall & Grace Elly. 

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