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The Chosen Girls

A Teenage Local Singing Group of Girls organized by Music iPortal.

Justus Hall

Individual Artist Recorded "This Time it Changed Us" an Original Member of the Chosen Girls.

The Chosen 5

A Teenage Local Singing Group of Girls organized by Music iPortal put together to Publish and Original Christmas Album. Targeting Each Singers individual talents!

Piano Teacher Jamil Gaston

Music iPortal Teaches Piano in Aberdeen, in your home or online!

Big Meet

Independent Teenage Rapper and Song Writer not managed by Music iPortal.


Elementary Girl in Action with Music


Music iPortal Kids Pianist Contestant in the music iportal show.

Russ Webber Student

2021 Adult Student Learns "Wonderful World"

Brandon Pianist

Level 5 Student


Piano Student Level 3

Can We Be In Love

Elly Hall

A dynamic Dual Recorded a special Christmas Album and R&B Music produced by Music iPortal.

DJ Music iPortal Entertainment

Music iPortal Entertainment for Specializes in Wedding & Corporate.

Rev. Jackie Harris

Individual Gospel Solo Artist and Song Writer.

Madisynn Rankin

An Amateur Artist hired by Music iPortal to record "Spending Christmas with my Baby"

Andrian Ross

RIP-2021 in 2005 Adrian Recorded "I Messed up" Written By Jamil Gaston. Unfortunately we never finished be fore he passed away.

Rachel Bauer

Independent Singer one of the original singers started in 2011.


Piano Student Level 1

Micah Pianist

Level 2 Student

Aberdeen Young Adult Choir

2021-2022 Youth Choir Directed by Music iPortal's Jamil Gaston

Magen Cornacchione

One of the original members of the Chosen5. Established in 2019. Recorded a Christmas Album in 2020.

Grace Elly

Individual Artist Recording Inspiration Music under Music iPortal. An Original Member of the Chosen Girls.

Boine Proudctions

Min. Jamil Gaston

Producer and Muscian

June Hawkins

Individual Gospel Solo Artist and Song Writer.

Janel Gaston

Singer and Piano Player

Grace Piano Student

The Chosen Girl Grace Elly learns Piano with Music iPortal

Boys & Girls Club Singers

Music iPortal Volunteered to teach the kids at the Boys and Girls Club Music

Jackie Piano Student

Teenage Piano Student Learning to play chords and read music

Layla Pianist

Level 3 Student

Mt. Zion Youth Praise Team

2017 Youth Praise Team

Maya Samoe

Piano Student Level 2

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