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Last Christmas

I Saw Mommy Kissing (feat. The Young Chosen)

O Holy Night (feat. The Chosen Girls)

I Don't Need a Christmas

I Heard the Bells on Christmas (feat. The Chosen Girls)

Silent Night (feat. The Chosen Girls)

Our Story

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"Christmas with Grace" is one of the most extraordinary albums Music iPortal Produced. Mainly because if you remember Grace from The Chosen5 and listen to her music then and now, you will see the amazing growth! Music is hard work but Grace has never given up on me and I never gave up on her. Although we had our trying times in the studio, she always kept the faith. She had been asking for two years to do Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas and two years in a row, I said She was not ready! Now this year 2022, I feel confident and believe even Mariah Carey herself would give her a standing ovation. One day she can make cover songs in her own style. Because she is still a teen, I wanted her to get as close as she could to Mariah Carey to prove her abilities not only to the world but to herself. Look Out! Follow Grace and be a part of her beginnings! Share Share Share! I can't express that enough. It won't happen without fans!


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