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Our Online Store Is Launching Soon

Welcome to Music iPortal LLC - your one-stop-shop for all things music entertainment! We're currently on the lookout for a marketing manager and administrative assistant to join our team. Whether you're in Aberdeen, MD, or looking to work from home, we want to hear from you!

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Position: Monthly Contract Administrative Assistant

Duration: This is a monthly contract position, not a permanent or full-time role.

Compensation: The compensation for this position is performance-based, with commission opportunities available for referring or acquiring new clients. The candidate will receive a base weekly rate or hourly rate, which will be decided upon during the onboarding process.

Responsibilities: As an administrative assistant, your tasks will include the following:


1. Contacting client management: You will be responsible for reaching out to client management, initiating communication, and maintaining professional relationships.


2. Organizing and setting appointments: You will manage the scheduling of appointments, ensuring that they are properly organized and efficiently scheduled.


3. Follow-up appointments and phone calls: Following up with clients to confirm appointments and conducting phone calls to address any queries or concerns.


4. Answering calls: Handling incoming calls, providing assistance, and forwarding calls to the appropriate individuals.


5. File management: Organizing and managing various files, including documents, music files, and video files, ensuring they are properly stored and easily accessible.


6. Social media posting: Assisting with social media management by creating and scheduling posts to promote the company and engage with the target audience.


7. Cleaning and responding during events: During events, you may be required to assist with various tasks such as cleaning, responding to inquiries, and ensuring a smooth flow of operations.


8. Office setup and takedown: Helping with the setup and takedown of office equipment and supplies as needed, ensuring a clean and organized workspace.


Please keep in mind that this is a contract position, and your compensation will be dependent on your performance and the success of the company.

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