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Album Release 11-11-22
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Taundra Noel and I have known each other since middle school and started during music together throughout our teenage years. It has been 20 years since we, not only performed together at North County Highschool in Glen Burnie, but also seen each other. Both of us Entrepreneurs on two different sides of the country and still pursuing our dreams. During our 20 year absence we both got married soon after Highschool had children and both of us went through a draining divorce. After finding an old Highschool tape from 20 years ago and sending it to her on Facebook we both agreed to meet and make a song like old times. I had three weeks to prepare a beat and write a song. I thought nothing other than to express what it feels like to be in your 30's and going through the mental drain of relationships let alone a divorce. I wanted a song that would speak to the millennial generation to a beat that would groove to this current generation. 

Comments (3)

Reflecting, A year later the truth is this was one of my greatest written songs it didn't even know it!


Nov 12, 2022

Beautiful, classy, and jazzy!

Tammy Saxton


Amber Nails
Amber Nails
Nov 11, 2022

🙌🏾 smooth beautiful truth

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