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Music Center

Text: 443-306-8334

Music Studio

105 S Philadelphia Blvd

Aberdeen MD 21001


Flexible Hours

Recording • Mixing  Mastering • Publishing

Pay As You Go!

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Let's Talk Podcast Show


60 Recording.......................$50
60 Mixing .......................... $50
60 Mastering.......................$100

Platform Publishing ............$95
*Per Album


This includes above pricing in addition to Publishing, YouTube Channel Management, Advertisement and Ongoing Management. Price Negotiable $


Management of Music Platform Placement. Revenue Distribution 

Quarterly Performance Reviews

$95 Per Artist


Advertise via Music iPortal Platforms for Three Months Exposure and View Count Guaranteed Performance Reviewed Monthly

$80 Per Month

agent advertisement

Ready to Launch Your Music to the World. How people respond to your music will never be guaranteed, however we will start a new platform on social media, advertise and build followers! Your new platform will only be about you and not commingled with Music iPortal Platforms. We will manage Youtube Facebook and Instagram and attempt to build followers and subscribers!

$125 Per Month


Do it yourself! Let us walk you through the steps and lean on us as needed. 

$40 per session

*Above is beginners exposure. The music business is difficult to penetrate  but there is always a market! You just need to find where you fit in. Typically it takes thousand of dollars and touring to build national attention. I recommend starting local with friends  family and friends of friends. Advertising to niche areas and review your results and scale up. This will allow you to asses your finances and know where your target audiences are. You must build followers! That the new generating word for fans! Now let's begin!. You are officially an independent if you catch the right attention maybe a label might sign you but its always best to see if you can make it independent!

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