Virtual Summer Camp 

Monday 4-6:30pm (Visual Arts/Beg. Music)

Tuesday 1:30-3pm & 4-5:30 (Visual Arts/Film-making)

Wednesday 3:30-6:30 (Music Theatre/ Beg. Music)

Thursday 11-12:30 & 1:30-3:00 (Creative Writing/Visual Arts)

Friday 11-12:30 (All Groups)


This summer we will be providing a 4 week program using various art classes to encourage youth to use art to create the action of social change in this country and in their communities. Through our program each student will learn about the current issues of our nation and create various works of art to evoke social justice. At the end of our program, each young artist will showcase their work in a virtual documentary created by them and a live virtual performance!

Some of our classes your young artist will be taking this summer Monday- Friday are:
-Arts In Action: Camera Acting & Filmmaking
-Beginners Music
-Visual Arts
-Bringin da Broadway!- Musical Theatre Techniques
-Amplify Your Voice- Creative Writing
-Your Voice Matters: Group Circle
*Schedule will be emailed once students is registered*

Summer Program Fee: $25.00 a week. *Payment plans are available. We will send you weekly invoices for payment. *