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How it all came together

Welcome to Portal Productions, your ultimate destination for all things music, talk, podcasting, photography, and entertainment. We offer a range of services designed to help you express yourself through various forms of art. Our team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you develop your skills and connect with your audience. Let us help you bring your vision to life – contact us today to discuss how we can work together!

At Portal Productions, we believe in empowering musicians to achieve their full potential by providing them with the best resources and support. We started in 2019 with a simple goal: to provide music lessons and mentoring to aspiring musicians. Our vision soon expanded to include artist management and discovery, and we were on a mission to help our artists grow and succeed. In 2021, we opened our music studio in Aberdeen MD, providing independent and inspiring artists a platform to shine.

Slyrock Entertainment, established in Pittsburgh in 1985 by the late Charles Gaston, has joined forces with Music iPortal to become Portal Productions. Today, under the leadership of Jamil Gaston, Portal Productions offers a wide range of entertainment services, becoming a one-stop-shop for your needs. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality entertainment and utilize the latest technology to ensure we deliver an unforgettable experience. Give us a call today to book our services and take your event to the next level.


As the owner of Music iPortal, it is my belief that everyone has the potential to create music that reflects their innermost thoughts and emotions. My goal is to not only nurture musical creativity, but to also instill valuable life skills such as self-discovery, patience, and perseverance. By providing a nurturing, supportive environment, my team and I aim to help aspiring musicians grow and reach their true potential.

Jamil Gaston

Jamil Gaston

As a public figure, I understand that my reputation is everything. That’s why I believe in being fully transparent about who I am and what I stand for. I believe that by sharing my story, I can empower others to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact in their communities. I am passionate about working with the youth and using my platform to make a difference.

Jamil Gaston began playing the piano during his elementary school years, taking sporadic lessons as his parents could afford them. By the time he reached high school, he was organizing small singing groups in his community and writing and producing music. In his twenties, he took a break to complete business school and start a family, becoming the father of three girls: Layla, Janel, and Skylar.

In his thirties, Jamil experienced several traumatic events, including the loss of his grandmother, father, mother, and first marriage. Following his grandmother's passing in 2014, Jamil decided to honor her by playing at her funeral. This experience prompted him to start his music ministry, and he began organizing and participating in youth church as a youth minister.

Jamil's work with the youth choir reignited his passion for music, and he encouraged many youth church members and their friends to join the choir. He taught them to sing and play the piano. However, Jamil faced a series of personal setbacks, including the loss of his father, the breakdown of his marriage, and the passing of his mother. Just as he was trying to get back on his feet, the COVID pandemic hit, disrupting his plans.

Undeterred, Jamil decided to continue his musical journey with the youth and started his own inspirational music group called "The Chosen 5." During the pandemic, he searched for a new church home and documented his journey in some of the videos on this page. In 2022, Jamil remarried and welcomed his fourth child, a son named Jeremiah, on December 25th of that year. In May 2024, he and his wife were blessed with their fifth child, another son.

In 2024, Jamil made the decision to leave Deliverance Temple as the Minister of Music and transitioned into the role of Youth Director and Keyboardist at Saint Stephen's in Essex, Maryland. This new position allows him to not only work with his five children but also with the community's children, fostering their growth and faith through music. Additionally, he has started a youth community choir in Aberdeen, Maryland, in Baltimore County, inspiring and empowering the young talents in the area.

While focusing on his music ministry and youth work, Jamil's Music IPortal school of music has been experiencing substantial growth. In 2023, the school's client base doubled, and Portal Productions, a branch of the company, has become more than 50% of the workload. With the easing of COVID restrictions and people returning to regular life, DJ entertainment and photography services have been in high demand, leading to the company doubling in size from 2022 to 2024. As a result, three additional employees have been hired, and the company anticipates tripling its growth in 2025.

Jamil Gaston's dedication to music, his family, and his community continues to shape his inspiring journey, impacting the lives of many through his talent and leadership.

Singing My Way to Heaven (2024 Final)
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Singing My Way to Heaven (2024 Final)

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