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Gospel Teaching Portal

The Gospel Portal is your one-stop destination for gospel music. We strive to provide quality resources to help enhance the worship experience for gospel choirs around the world. Our videos not only teach the music, but also offer a unique insight into the spiritual side of gospel music.

We offer a variety of videos, from beginner to advanced levels. Our videos are perfect for choir rehearsal and provide a great refresher for experienced choir members. No matter what your experience level is, The Gospel Portal has something for everyone.

Visit the Gospel Portal Library

The Gospel Portal is an online resource dedicated to helping music ministries in churches. Our goal is to provide teaching videos and rehearsal videos to help equip the church with the necessary tools and knowledge to develop their music ministry. We believe that through our resources, music can be used as an effective tool to spread the word of God.

We strive to help the church create and maintain a vibrant and engaging music ministry that can reach people in meaningful ways. Our team is passionate about our mission and is committed to providing the best resources to churches all over the world.


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